Disabling Yammer, StaffHub, and Delve from Your Office 365 Tenant

Earlier today, I had a request to look into Microsoft’s Delve to see what it could do for my place of work… well, kind of. Delve seems like a nice product to see what everyone may be working on, but unfortunately, it’s a little misleading and it looks like files can be accessed by anyone on there. While the above statement isn’t actually true, certain aspects when browsing Delve really make you think that some of these documents shouldn’t be listed “publicly,” even though odds are that you were emailed the document and Delve just happened to place it there since it found it.

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Locking Down a Linux Server – The Entryways

So my main goal for this week was to lock down my Linux servers at home. For the moment, I run two: A Raspberry Pi 3 running Raspbian, and my Synology DS418play which runs DSM. I’ll try to go over security basics that can apply to a wide range of Linux servers, but the bulk of my experience is with Debian-based distros, so if you’re not running Ubuntu, Debian, Linux Mint, or any other Debian derivative, your mileage may vary. These can also apply to other operating systems like Windows and Mac, it just depends on what you do with them.

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