Privacy Notice

This is the personal blog of William Quinn, located online at This privacy notice was last updated on November 18, 2020. This notice may be changed at any time without notice.

Common Sense

This is just more of a common sense clause - this site is self-hosted by me. Because of the self-hosted nature, all logs from the server are stored on my servers that are only accessible by myself. I disable logging for external services as much as possible, but there are some logs that can't reasonably be turned off.


I use Matomo to collect basic analytical data, mostly to see how many people visit the site and what posts are the most popular. For the curious, below is a screenshot of what I can see in Matomo.

The following potentially identifiable information is stored within Matomo:

  • Your IP address, anonymized (i.e. becomes, the last two octets are purposefully removed)
  • Your location as provided by your IP address.
  • Your browser and browser version.
  • Your operating system and operating system version.
  • Your screen resolution.

Matomo allows me to see where you visited on the site, how long you may have stayed on the pages, search terms if search was used on the site, and how you came to the site originally.

Raw data collected by Matomo is deleted 180 days after being obtained.

Cookies Placed by Matomo

Details regarding the cookies placed by Matomo can be found at


Disqus is used as the comments provider on this blog. I have absolutely no control over what Disqus can or will collect, and usage of the comments feature on the blog is completely optional.

Disqus will not load by default unless you explicitly select the Show Comments button at the bottom of any post.

You can read the Disqus privacy policy by going to