Privacy Policy

Alright, let’s be honest, legalese can suck. Privacy on this website (and any service offered under is fairly simple. Keep in mind this site is run by one person, William Quinn. I don’t plan on writing legalese for a personal blog, but I do want to disclose as much as I can. It’s always better to be informed.

What I Collect

I do my best to not collect anything from you. I’m serious on this as well, I’ve disabled logging on my HTTP server as I don’t care to even read those logs, let alone collect them.

However, some items I integrate into my services may include analytical data. As this site, and all services offered under are under Cloudflare, I am able to pull analytical data from Cloudflare including traffic details. This includes what country your visited from, your IP address, whether or not you matched a firewall rule I set through Cloudflare, etc. Everything collected is extremely anonymized, and I can’t see what state you visited from unless I ran every IP through a WHOIS database to see who owned it, and even then, that data can be inaccurate and it’s just not worth my time to do this for every single unique IP.

I do reasonably collect whatever you provide to the site or it’s services. If you leave a comment on this blog, for example, I collect your name (or whatever you put in that field), your email (or whatever you put in that field), your website (or whatever you… well, you know), and your comment data itself. All of this inputted is public except for your email address, which is only accessible by me. What do I do with this data? Well, nothing. You wanted to comment, so if it’s a reasonable comment, I’ll probably comment back and hopefully we’ll have a nice discussion. Otherwise, if I deem it as spam, it’s deleted. Simple as that.

Regarding comments as well, all comments go through an anti-spam measure called Akismet. This means that comment data can be sent to that service to verify that it’s not spam.

“Frequently Asked Questions”

Here are a bunch of questions I may or may not ever be asked, but this functions as a great way to make TL;DRs for this stuff.

  • Will you collect my data and sell it to anyone? No.
  • Will you collect my data and give it away to anyone? No.
  • Do you even collect? I do my best not to.
  • What third-party services do you use? Externally, Cloudflare is on all domains and subdomains. Internally, WordPress uses the following plugins you may be interested in:
    • Akismet (used for anti-spam)
    • Wordfence (used as a WordPress-centric firewall)
  • Do you use other plugins with your WordPress install? Of course I do, but they won’t do anything to you.
  • Do you run analytics on your website? Other than what Cloudflare gives me, I do not purposefully run any analytics service such as Google Analytics. If a service I have runs these types of analytics, I will make best efforts to disable them.
  • Do you run advertisements on your website? No. If you’re seeing ads on here, you may want to check your computer.
  • Can you guarantee the security of your website, servers, etc.? I make no guarantees that anything stored on my services will ever stay 100% secure, but I will make best efforts to secure everything as much as possible.
  • Is your website GDPR compliant? I do not collect anything useful to GDPR, so yes, it’s compliant.