Linux Gaming: Viscera Cleanup Detail

Linux Gaming: Viscera Cleanup Detail

Thanks to Steam’s Proton and lucifertdark on the VCD Steam Community, there seems to be a pretty solid way to run Viscera Cleanup Detail on Linux!


Downloading the Game

On your machine, make sure you have enabled Steam Play for all titles. You can find this setting by going to Steam > Settings > Steam Play.

Once that option is enabled, download Viscera Cleanup Detail as you would any other game. Once it’s completed downloading, head to the next section.

Removing the Redistributables

Navigate to the install directory for the game. Now, delete the following files and folders from the directory:

  • The entire _CommonRedist folder.
  • The dotNetFx40_Full_setup.exe file located in Binaries/Redist.

Once those are removed, run the game once in 32-bit mode (the first option Steam asks). You’ll see a few items launch, go through those items and install if necessary. The game may crash or you can close out of all of the programs whenever necessary, but once the game is no longer running, head to the next step.


Open a terminal and type in the following command:

protontricks 246900 dotnet452

Follow all prompts that show on screen to install .NET Framework for the game. If anything asks to restart your computer, always click on Restart Later!

Once all of .NET Framework has been installed, run the following command:

protontricks 246900

Select the Select the default wineprefix option, then click OK. On the second screen, select the Run taskmgr option and click OK.

When Task Manager opens, you’ll want to go to File > New Task (Run…) and navigate to the Visual C++ Redistributable you downloaded in your prerequisites.

Let Task Manager sit for about 30 seconds, then close out of both Task Manager and Protontricks (Winetricks).

Time to Launch

At this point, all of the setup should be complete, so head back to Steam and launch Viscera Cleanup Detail. This time (and every other time), you’ll want to select the 64-bit option as it tends to be more stable.

In my experience, this launched the game in windowed mode at 720p resolution, so some in-game tweaks and I was running full-screen 1080p easily.


The only issue I’ve come across in this game so far is that my mouse sensitivity was exceptionally high. Luckily, there’s an in-game option to lower that, so not a big issue.


Getting this game to run isn’t that hard, it just takes a bit of time. If it wasn’t for the effort of Steam user lucifertdark, this may not have happened, so all credit should go to this person!

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