How do I install Halo Online (ElDewrito)?

How do I install Halo Online (ElDewrito)?
This install guide is current as of ElDewrito Keep in mind that all of this can be found by going to the official source located on /r/HaloOnline. This was written to explain the install process a little easier as well as address any extras that may make your gameplay experience the way you’d like.

Obtain a copy of ms23

As ElDewrito is a modification of Halo Online, the Halo Online files are required in order to play. Download the ms23 archive from one of the three places:

These links have been removed due to the DMCA takedown requests being issued from Microsoft. It’s best to search for ms23 downloads on your own. The files you’re looking for are called Halo Online 1.106708 cert_ms23 with the verified MD5 hash of 5ae9e3d0a4952686cedb7d7261ad6c11.

Once downloaded, extract the file using 7-Zip or your favorite archival tool that supports the .7z format.

Download ElDewrito Updater

You can download the official ElDewrito updater by clicking here. Once downloaded, extract the contents into the ms23 directory. You know you’re in the right directory if you see the eldorado.exe file.

Run ElDewrito Updater

Run the updater.exe file and press Update to download the ElDewrito files. Once this is done, you can run Halo Online by running the eldorado.exe file. Have fun!


How can I make Halo Online look like Halo 3?

Halo Online is practically the Halo 3 engine ported to PC, though those who are used to playing Halo 3 may have to adjust to how Halo Online’s default settings are. There are a lot of different things between Halo 3 and Halo Online, such as:

  • Halo 4 weapon skins such as the Battle Rifle, Assault Rifle, etc.
  • The weapons seem to stick out too far from your body (in comparison to Halo 3).
  • HUD differences

None of these are game-breaking, but for nostalgia sake, here’s how you can make the game feel a lot more like Halo 3.

Foundation Mod Manager (FMM)

Unfortunately, this section is now invalid as the Foundation Mod Manager no longer includes these selections. This section has been kept for historical purposes.

You first need to download the Foundation Mod Manager by clicking here and clicking on FMM.exe. Once downloaded, place FMM.exe in the same directory as eldorado.exe, then run FMM.exe.

Once Foundation Mod Manager is running, head to the Downloadable Mods tab and check the following mods:

  • Halo 3 Sniper Rifle
  • Halo 3 Battle Rifle
  • Halo 3 Assault Rifle
  • Halo 3 Beam Rifle
  • Halo 3 Fuel Rod
  • Halo 3 Rocket Launcher
  • Halo 3 Magnum
  • Halo 3 Shotgun
  • Halo 3 SMG
  • Halo 3 Spartan Laser

Once those mods are checked, click on the Download Checked Mods button in the bottom-right. You’ll get a log that shows what’s going on, and once everything is downloaded you’ll get a notification. Close the log by clicking the button in the bottom-right corner and go to the My Mods tab.

In this tab, check every mod again and then click on the Apply Checked Mods button in the bottom-right. Let FMM complete the tasks as it may take a little bit and you will see random command-line windows pop up and disappear. Once it’s done, you’ll get a notification. Close the log and you’re done with FMM!

Halo Online Settings

If you’d like to go the extra step and have the weapon views like Halo 3, you’ll need to run Halo Online and head to the Settings area by pressing [HOME].

These are the options I select in order to have a more Halo 3-esque feel.

    For this setting, if you’re playing with an FOV higher than 90, you’ll want to change this to HALO3VIEWMODELS or edit a view model to your liking.

That’s it! Your Halo Online experience should bring you back to the Halo 3 days. Make sure you have a good amount of Game Fuel.

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